Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stereotype breaks my heart

I have read a lot of articles about Filipina women.. Some are good and some are bad. A lot of people who have witnessed the Aholeness of a Filipina slut now become Filipina Haters. I dont mean to be harsh, but to be honest with you,, this is what i feel.

As a Filipina myself, it really breaks my heart to read mean comments and articles about how low filipina women are. I cant choose on which side i will be coz i know everyone got flaws.

Filipina women who takes advantage of their foreign men are nothing but a low-life, ant brain whores who want to get out of poverty. I hate these women! They're sick and desperadas. I am proud to say I AM A FILIPINA but im not one of them. They're a disgrace to Filipino people.

And to all the foreign men, please oh please, BE A SMARTASS. Dont let yourself be fooled by these low-life filipina sluts.

So what im trying to say here is:
I have to admit there are alot of low-life filipina women that take advantage of foreign men but you also have to know that there are also a lot of well-bred Filipinas existing.
All you have to do is to be smart.. and be able to differentiate scammers from the real one.

Ways to know if she will be a dream-come-true OR simply a nightmare?

There are a lot of times when foreign men commit their biggest mistakes. They thought that when they catch their Filipina, they automatically conclude "She's the One". Always remember that, WE Filipinas are generally sweet and loyal because we were bestowed by our ancestors with those golden traits. However, i advice foreign men to take some considerations in finding their "dream filipina".

Here are some tips to consider to know if she will be your dream-come-true or simply your worst nightmare.

1. Undergo the "dating" method. Whether it is online or in person, you should not rush anything.  Knowing her for a year is highly recommended. Time will tell if she is 'the one' or not. Always remember that every individual shows his/her good side in the first 3 months. But you will see her real side after you become ordinary to her. So, get to know her first. If you think you two are very much compatible with each other, then go ahead.

2. A real Filipina doesn't take advantage of her man. Whether you're a filipino or a foreigner,  always remember that a well-bred Filipina doesn't ask for your money. Even if she lost her job and desperately needs money, she does not consider borrowing an amount of money from you an option.

3. Standard of living. This is one thing that you should put into consideration. Because, in most cases, women who belong to not-so-fortunate class in the society were proven to be desperadas and scams. They are sometimes known as sweet-talkers. After they get what they want, they leave their man and gets on to the next victim. But if you're dating one, i am not telling you to stop. However, i suggest to keep your eyes open for the possibilities of 'unexpected circumstances'.

I hope this helps!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

About Filipina Golden Secrets

This blog is made for the men who are looking for their dream filipinas. You can find tips, pieces of advice and the golden secrets of philippine girls from a Filipina perspective. You are free to drop your comments. but please just minimize harsh words if you're a hater.

Thank you very much!!